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THE magical combination of sun, wind and passion is the first step in producing the quality salt that makes Marina Sea Salt an exciting player in the South African salt industry. A flavour powerhouse in Southern Africa.

With a proud history to boot. Almost four decades ago the founding father of Marina Sea Salt, Gert Schoombee, started this very successful family business that became synonymous with quality in the local salt industry. In time this modest, entrepreneurial minded engineer started to shape the salt industry in Southern Africa and elsewhere.

He plied his trade with passion and often spoke fondly of the "miracle" that happens when the right combination of sun, wind and passion produces salt at the family salt works. That passion he instilled in his staff. And now that legacy lives on!

Marina Sea Salt has grown from a small family business to a leading national salt supplier in South Africa. The saltpans are situated on rich historical land. During the late 1700's local inhabitants already gathered salt in these pans' believed to be amongst the first salt pans in South Africa. Today, thanks to a long-term-lease with the local Bethelsdorp Salt Pans Board, Marina Sea Salt is cultivating these very same salt pans.

Through the years this always remained a strong values-based company. Here the workers, customers, shareholders and communities are all seen as crucial stakeholders.

Gert Schoombee's philosophy was simple: He saw Marina Sea Salt as a table with four legs. They are Vision, Passion and Innovation but the vital fourth leg he believed, is Customer Satisfaction.

Today millions of households at family tables across the country enjoy the flavour that Marina Sea Salt adds to their meals and lives!



  1. The profitable mining, manufacturing and marketing of the highest quality natural Sea Salt and related Products;
  2. Maximising Customer Satisfaction
  3. The Development and Training of our Staff
  4. Active participation in our Community.




The Marina Sea Salt salt works is situated in the Swartkops area about 12km outside Port Elizabeth.

This sun-soaked Eastern Cape coastal land with its year-long mild winds create the ideal climate for growing excellent quality salt. 


Our Production capacity

Our factory can produce to customer requirements.

Our Hygiene standards

Marina Sea Salt adhere to strict food and safety requirements and we abide to the standards on food safety.

Food safety audits are done by independent inspectors on an annual basis. 


Flavoured Salt
Marina Sea Salt remain after 34 years still the unravelled market leader in Flavoured Salt (BBQ) in South Africa.
The Original Orange Bottle Braai Salt

Our Seasoning 

We can produce any flavour of salt on request.



Our Employment Equity

Employment Equity objectives are in place to provide equal opportunity to all employees.

Our Skills development 

Skills developmentand training is done on a continuous basis.

Our Community Development 

We support local communities where we do business

Our Poverty Alleviation 

Through the company's poverty alleviation programme we assist about ten soup kitchens in the greater Port Elizabeth area, thus feeding approximately 2000 people daily.

Our Youth Development 

Marina Sea Salt has a long history of involvement within our communities. The Walmer Football Association, New Brighton and the Zwide Football Association with its 36 affiliated clubs were all benefitting from the company's assistance.


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