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Uses for SALT

Sprinkle salt onto shelves to keep away ants.

Fish can be de-scaled easier if the fish has been soaked in salt water.


Add a pinch of salt to egg whites to make them extra fluffy.

Refresh wrinkly apples by soaking them in mild salt water.

Use salt to remove stains from coffee pots.

Use a paste of salt and vinegar to clean brass, copper and tin.

Pour a heap of salt over an ink spill on a carpet.  The salt will soak up the ink.

Clean an iron by rubbing with a damp cloth sprinkled with salt.

Add salt to water to bring it to the boil faster.

A mixture of salt and lemon juice makes piano ivories snowy white.

A small pinch of salt improves the flavour of tea, coffee and cocoa drinks.

To prevent cane furniture from yellowing, rub with salt water.

Gelatin sets faster if a pinch of salt is added.

Milk stays fresh longer if a pinch of salt is added.

Cream beats faster if a pinch of salt is added.

To remove the smell of burnt milk, sprinkle salt over the pan.

Salt and bicarbonate of soda removes smells from refrigerators.

A mixture of salt and lemon juice can be used to remove mildew.

Sprinkle salt between slabs of slate to prevent grass from growing between them.

If a pie baking in the oven boils over, throw a handful of salt over the spilt liquid.  The mixture won’t smell and will bake to a dry crust which can easily be removed once the oven cools.

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