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Superfine Sea Salt

A Lighthouse is a beacon...

...it stands steadfast, tall, in both the tempest and calm. It is a symbol of hope, strength, guidance and safety in the midst of darkness. It’s beams stretch across troubled water, piercing the violent storm to bring the lost home.

Marina Sea Salt is like a Lighthouse...

...we stand steadfast in industry, quality and integrity.

Our sea salt is naturally cultivated, the way it is meant to be.

Our product is a symbol of excellence, purity and sustainability.

Stewardship, Truth and Respect is what this company was founded upon.

Compromise is not an option.

Pure ocean sea water, natural sunlight, cool coastal breeze and a decent amount of patience.

(it takes us 2 years to make our salt)



  • Dual purpose lid for sprinkling and pouring
  • 38mm screw-on lid for easy refill
  • Bottle made from PET material for easy recycling

Prod. code17034
Product DescriptionMarina Lighthouse Flask
Case / Bale20 x 500g
Shrink Wrap Packing4 x 5 x 500g
Unit Barcode6001610001733
Shrink Wrap Barcode56001610001738
Outer Box Barcode16001610001730

superfine sea salt flask front
superfine sea salt flask side
superfine sea salt flask back
superfine sea salt cap pour
superfine sea salt cap shake
superfine sea salt cap side

750g Stand Up Pouch with Nozzle

  • Stand-up pouch for easy storage
  • Screw-on lid prevents moisture (No more pegs)
  • Easy pouring spout reduces waste
  • Ideal for decanting
  • Pouch made from PET material for easy recycling

Prod. code16032
Product DescriptionMarina Lighthouse Pouch
Case / Bale24 x 750g
Shrink Wrap PackingN/A
Unit Barcode6001610001726
Shrink Wrap BarcodeN/A
Outer Box Barcode16001610001723


superfine sea salt refill front
superfine sea salt refill side
superfine sea salt refill back
superfine sea salt refill nozzel

Every House needs a Lighthouse

Every House needs a Lighthouse

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